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Avon Tyres - Cheap Avon Car, 4x4, Run Flat and Van Tyres

Avon Ice Touring Winter Tyres

  • Available for high performance cars they come in in wide, low-profile sizes
  • Fantastic wet weather performance
  • The rubber formulation gives superb grip and handling in winter temperatures
  • Traction is greatly improved in snow, ice, slush and wet weather
  • Good comparable tyre life
  • 16" and 17" sizes to fit high performance cars
  • Asymmetric tread pattern
  • Wide tyres with low profiles
  • Run-flat version also available
  • 'Severe Snow Conditions' symbol marked on the tyre
  • Available in H and V speed ratings


This excellent range of Winter Tyres is available in a wide range of sizes meaning it can be fitted to most makes an models of car. The sizes available are:

Ice Touring ST Winter Tyre from Avon
Winter Tyre Size    
225/40 R 18XL 92V
225/45 R 17    91H
225/45 R 17XL 94V
245/45 R 17XL 99V
205/50 R 17XL 93H
205/50 R 17XL 93V
195/55 R 15    85H
205/55 R 16    91H
205/55 R 16XL 94H
205/55 R 16XL 94V
215/55 R 16    93H
215/55 R 16XL 97H
225/55 R 16    95H
225/55 R 16XL 99H
225/55 R 16XL 99V
225/55 R 17XL 101V
205/60 R 16    92H
215/60 R 16XL 99H
235/60 R 16    100H
195/65 R 15    91H
205/65 R 15    94H
215/65 R 15    96H
215/65 R 16    98H
205/55 R16 Runflat    91V



Cheap Avon Car, 4x4, Run Flat and Van Tyres



Event Tyres stock a full range of cheap Avon Tyres online including Avon Car Tyres, Avon 4x4 Tyres, Avon Winter Tyres and Avon Van Tyres.

If you cannot find the Avon Tyres your looking for online or have any questions regarding Avon Tyres then please Contact Us.

Avon Car Tyres

Our Avon car tyre range includes: ZZ3, ZV5, ZV3, CR322, Turbosteel 70, Turbospeed CR227, Turbospeed CR27 and CR228-D.

Avon 4x4 Tyres

Our Avon 4x4 tyre range includes: Ranger, Ranger Sport, Ranger A-T, Rangemaster and Ranger TSE

Avon Van Tyres

Our Avon van tyre range includes: Avanza AV10, Avanza AV9, Avanza AV4, Supervan, Vanmaster M+S, Trailor 950 and Trailor 13-50

Avon Winter Tyres

Our Avon winter tyre range includes: Ice Touring ST, CR85 Ice Touring and Ranger Ice

Note: If you cannot find the Avon Tyres your looking for then please Contact Us.

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