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Winter Tyres the Facts be prepared for this Winter

Winter is again looming and with forecasters predicting a serious cold snap early in the Winter Season, it is essential that you, the motorist is prepared for Winter. Last year we saw unprecedented demand for Winter Tyres with December being the coldest since records began. This combined with significant snowfalls meant that we were working flat out to meet demand. We fitted thousands of winter tyre from Dec through to March. The demand at one point was so high that there were virtually no winter tyre supplies across Europe. Over the past couple of years we have written a number of news articles specifically aimed at separating the myth from the facts the articles can be seen below.

Snow In Harpenden

Hankook Icebear Kept This Vehicle Moving

Snow fell in December in Harpenden this though didn't stop the car in the image getting out and about, fitted with Hankook Icebear 215/55 R17 Winter Tyres it drove happily on packed snow and ice whilst others abandoned cars all around the county.

1. Weather forecasters are already suggesting that we could have an early cold snap - read what has been said here Snow Forecast Early Winter 2011

2. Dont know much about Winter Tyres? the article below will explain why Winter Tyres, not Just for Snow and Ice

Kleber Quadraxer

 3. Kleber launched a new all season tyre last winter - find  out more about the Kleber Quadraxer All Season Tyre

 Kleber Quadraxer Tyre on Rim

 4. Find out about the high demand in 2009-2010, this demonstrates why it is important to plan for Winter high Demand

 5. In January 2010 the demand for Winter Tyres continued unabated, find out more in the article here January High Demand for Winter Tyres

6. Dont really understand what Winter Tyres do? find out why you should use Winter TyresCars in Snow.

 7. Our customers really got the message last winteras our sales were 32% higher than  the previous winter see more details here Last Year Winter Customers got the message

 8. Winter Tyres 2 or 4 find out why they should be fitted all round in the article Why Fit  Winter Tyres - Find out here

 9. Do Winter Tyres work is a question we are often asked find out why they do in the  article here Do Winter Tyres Work?

10. Winter versus Summer tyres, Auto Express undertook a back to back test and filmed it see more here Auto Express Winter Tyre Test

Here are a few links to articles in newspapers written in March 2009 and December 2010 which demonstrates how our winters are becoming more extreme and that the need for Winter Tyres is very compelling.

Daily Mail March 2009          Guardian Dec

See some of the Avon Ice touring winter tyres on offer from Avon winter tyres here.

Check out the Michelin Agilis Winter Tyre for Vans here

Event Tyres are experts when it comes to tyres and winter tyres are no different. If you cannot find the winter tyres your looking for online or have any questions regarding winter tyres then please Contact Us.

Most Manufacturers supply winter tyres some example patterns by manufacturer are listed below:

Car: Pilot Alpin
4x4: Latitude Alpin
     Latitude Alpin HP
Van: Agilis Alpin
Car: Ice Touring ST
4x4: Ranger Ice
Van: Vanmaster M+S
Car: Blizzak LM-30
     Blizzak LM-35
4x4: Blizzak LM-25
     Blizzak DM-V1
Car: Winter Contact TS 800
     Winter Contact TS 830
     Winter Contact TS 830P
     Winter Contact TS 810
     Winter Contact TS 810S
4x4: Cross Contact Winter
     4x4 Winter Contact
Van: Vanco Winter
     Vanco Winter 2
     Vanco Winter Contact



Car: Pilot Alpin 4x4: Latitude Alpin, Latitude Alpin HP Van: Agilis Alpin


Car: Ice Touring ST 4x4: Ranger Ice Van: Vanmaster M+S

Bridgestone: Car: Blizzak LM-30, Blizzak LM-35 4x4: Blizzak LM-25, Blizzak DM-V1


Car: Winter Contact TS 800, Winter Contact TS 830, Winter Contact TS 830P, Winter Contact TS 810, Winter Contact TS 810S

4x4: Cross Contact Winter, 4x4 Winter Contact Van: Vanco Winter, Vanco Winter 2, Vanco Winter Contact