Excellent service, I am very happy! Very convenient with you coming to me and tyres were cheap too! Thanks!
- Kelly Cole had tyres fitted in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire

Event Tyres provide full mobile tyre fitting coverage in Biggleswade plus all surrounding areas in Bedfordshire.


Tyre Fitting Services offered in Biggleswade

Your car needs new tyres, Oh joy! not exactly the purchase you were looking to make before Christmas and certainly not one that you will brag to your mates about - 'guess what I got today? four new Continental 215 55 R17 Tyres'. You could then go on to explain how you had a fantastic time down at the local HiQ Tyre Fitting depot where you spent 2 hours in a freezing waiting room paying up to 40% more for your tyres than you should have.  

Not really an experience you need so what is the solution? - Events Tyres; a specialist mobile tyre-fitting business who fit tyres at home or work leaving you free to get on with other things. What's more you don't have to drive to a depot to be told 'please come back tomorrow we don't have your size in stock' so avoiding two journeys wasting your time.

So Event Tyres can be a story you tell your friends, tell them how you saved money, how you sat in your home doing some work while the tyres were fitted and what's more you didn't have to pay until the job was completed to your satisfaction, we take the pain out of new car tyres freeing up your time and the money in your wallet.

Covering Biggleswade and the surrounding Bedfordshire towns such as Northill, Hinxworth, Hatley, Eastcotts, Potton, Sandy, Mogerhanger, Astwick, Shefford and Henlow.

By coming directly to your home or workplace, we offer a service that is quick and hassle-free. Additionally, all of our tyre-fitting vans use the most technically advanced equipment to fit and balance your tyres, ensuring a quality service and product. With savings on rent and multiple fitters, Events Tyres can also provide a cheaper service compared to standard fitting centres, giving you potential discounts of up to 40% off of competitor prices. And if that hasn’t persuaded you, try our tyre selector tool to find out how much you could really be saving.

The origin of the name Biggleswade is derived from Saxon invaders in 5th century AD, with the first part coming from ‘Biceil’ an Anglo-Saxon name and the latter coming from ‘Waed’ the Saxon term for ford.
The great thing about Biggleswade is that it hasn’t lost the character and beauty created from years gone by. Simply by walking through the Market Place in the town centre you will find a wide range of shops situated in charmingly old converted buildings. The town is also home to many of the market gardens central to Bedfordshire County.
The River Ivel is another welcome addition to this town and is a tributary of the Great Ouse; a large river running through East Anglia. Before the rail tracks leading from Kings Cross to York and Edinburgh were built, this lovely river was used for waterborne trade. Today, it is simply a site of beauty, and is also of appeal to anglers.