Couldn't have asked for a better service. The fitter arrived on time at my place of work and everything was hassle free. Great value too!
- Tony Georgakis had tyres fitted in Dunstable, Bedfordshire

Event Tyres provide full mobile tyre fitting coverage in Dunstable plus all surrounding areas in Bedfordshire.


Tyre Services available in Dunstable, Bedfordshire

Dunstable is a very good location for access being close to the M1 means that Event Tyres can quickly be at your home or work location fitting new tyres to your car. This service offers maximum convenience and minimum hassle and leaves you free to do other things whilst your tyres are fitted. No time spent in a Kwik Fit Tyre Fitting Depot, wasting who knows how much time in a waiting room that is not exactly a Virgin 1st Class Lounge.

All of our tyre-fitting vans use the most technically advanced equipment to fit and balance your tyres, ensuring a quality service and product. Event Tyres provide a cheaper service compared to standard fitting centres, giving you potential discounts of up to 40% off of competitor prices. We make the savings in our overheads and pass the benefit on to you the customer. If this unique service hasn’t persuaded you, try our tyre selector tool to find out how much you could really be saving.

We supply all tyre sizes in the Dunstable area these can range from for example were you aware that for example 15 inch tyres come in all the following sizes:

135/70/15, 135/70 R 15, 135/80/15, 135/80 R 15, 145/65/15, 145/65 R 15, 155/60/15, 155/60 R 15, 155/80/15, 155/80 R 15, 165/50/15, 165/50 R 15, 165/65/15, 165/65 R 15, 165/80/15, 165/80 R 15, 175/50/15, 175/50 R 15, 175/55/15, 175/55 R 15, 175/60/15, 175/60 R 15, 175/65/15, 175/65 R 15, 175/70/15, 175/70 R 15, 185/55/15, 185/55 R 15, 185/60/15, 185/60 R 15, 185/65/15, 185/65 R 15, 185/70/15, 185/70 R 15, 185/80/15, 185/80 R 15, 195/45/15, 195/45 R 15, 195/50/15, 195/50 R 15, 195/55/15, 195/55 R 15, 195/60/15, 195/60 R 15, 195/65/15, 195/65 R 15, 195/70/15, 195/70 R 15, 205/45/15, 205/45 R 15, 205/50/15, 205/50 R 15, 205/55/15, 205/55 R 15, 205/60/15, 205/60 R 15, 205/65/15, 205/65 R 15, 205/70/15, 205/70 R 15, 215/45/15, 215/45 R 15, 215/60/15, 215/60 R 15, 215/65/15, 215/65 R 15, 215/70/15, 215/70 R 15, 225/50/15, 225/50 R 15, 225/55/15, 225/55 R 15, 225/60/15, 225/60 R 15, 235/70/15, 235/70 R 15, 235/75/15, 235/70 R 15, 255/65/15, 255/65 R 15

By coming directly to your home or workplace, we offer a service that is quick and hassle-free.


For most of us booking a holiday involves flight tickets and passports, but who says you need to travel abroad to enjoy yourself? In Dunstable, there’s everything you need for a holiday spent in the Great Outdoors. Situated on the Chiltern Ridge and overlooking the Vale of Aylesbury, the Dunstable Downs are classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
Stunning scenery is not the only thing on offer; a bounty of wildlife including rare butterflies and flowers can be found here, as can the Five Knolls (Scheduled Ancient Monument), giving you a snippet of Dunstable’s history.
The Chilterns Gateway Centre is a great place to stop for a cuppa, with a number of local specialities on offer, one of which is the renowned Bedfordshire Clanger; a suet pudding with both sweet and savoury fillings on either side.
If something a little less leisurely and a little more active would appeal, then you might want to opt for an afternoon spent flying a kite. Known amongst Dunstable folk as a kite-flying hotspot, the Dunstable Downs host an annual kite festival in cooperation with the National Trust.