Excellent response to rectify a problem.
- Steve Oldfield had tyres fitted in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Event Tyres provide full mobile tyre fitting coverage in Aylesbury plus all surrounding areas in Buckinghamshire.


Tyre Service Services offered Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

Winter has arrived it is cold wet and miserable, you need some new car tyres, so let's go down to my local Kwik Fit Tyre depot and wait around in a freezing waiting room for an hour or so when you could be doing something else. No doubt like most people you are constantly pushed for time so waiting around while your new tyres are fitted probably won't appeal.

The answer you're looking for is Events Tyres; a specialist mobile tyre-fitting business who can fit your tyres at home or work leaving you free to get on with other things. What's more you don't have to drive to a depot to be told 'please come back tomorrow we don't have your size in stock' so you now have to take two journeys wasting your time.

Covering Aylesbury and the surrounding Buckinghamshire towns such as Bierton, Broughton, Stoke Mandeville, Bishopstone, Hartwell, Quarrendon, Weedon, Upton, Tring and Thame we can provide replacement tyres for a wide range of cars and vans. We are specialist tyre fitters who are all fully trained to fit tyres to top of the range prestige vehicles such as the Range Rover Sport through to the family saloons like Ford Mondeos, Volsvagen Golf.

By coming directly to you, we offer a service that is quick and hassle-free. All of our tyre-fitting vans use the most technically advanced equipment to fit and balance your tyres, ensuring a quality service and product. Because we have no Tyre Fitting Depots we save on rent and fitters who are not fitting tyres 100% of the time. This means that Events Tyres can provide a cheaper service compared to standard fitting centres, giving you potential discounts of up to 40% off of competitor prices. And if that hasn’t persuaded you, try our tyre selector tool to find out how much you could really be saving.

Aylesbury famous for it's Ducks

Aylesbury Duck

China has its Peking and Britain has its Aylesbury….any clue as to what we’re rambling on about? No? Let us enlighten you; it’s the Aylesbury duck. Famed for its pure, fluffy white plumage, and distinctively pinkish-white beak, recent yea

rs have seen resurgence in efforts to promote this fine specimen of a bird. Not only does it prompt attention for its beauty and rarity, but it’s also considered a cut above the rest of when it comes to fancy dining.

Historically, when they were all the rage, the poor Aylesbury ducks were frequently walked to London. Each morning, the birds ‘feet’ would be covered in a tarry solution followed by sawdust, providing them with ‘crude shoes’ to protect them on the (approx) 40 mile walk!


But enough of the bird-talk, it’s not all about the duck. Aylesbury also has a number of famous faces to its name including Florence Nightingale who made frequent visits to Claydon House and Roald Dahl who invented many of his children’s classics in the town. If you’re a keen racing fan, then Silverstone racecourse will also make it well worth a visit.