Tyre Recycling

With our policy of safe and responsible disposal of old tyres, we remain fully committed to recycling all old and used compounds in accordance with current tyre recycling legislation.

In July 2006, landfill sites stopped accepting tyres for disposal. As a result, we use a licenced reprocessing company to shred and granulate old tyres so the waste material can be safely re-used in a variety of applications.

Reprocessing Procedures

Fraser Evans & Sons is our licenced tyre waste carrier and reprocessing partner. The company sends a collection of vehicles twice a week to pick up the used and worn tyres we’ve replaced on our customers' vehicles.

Once collected they take the tyres to their reprocessing plant in Witney, Oxfordshire. Specialist shredding equipment is then used to break down the tyre material ready for tyre recycling.

Where tyres are made into blocks, we ensure the compressed bales comply with BSI PAS 108 standards. We also ensure the reprocessing company complies with bale re-use legislation.

What Happens Next?

Shredded and granulated tyres are used for a wide range of purposes. You’ll find them in your home – reprocessed tyres are used as carpet underlay. You’ll find them out on the roads – reprocessed tyres are used as replacement aggregates in road construction. You’ll also find them down at the local park as they're used to create recreational sports surfaces.

Other applications include:

  • All-weather training surfaces for horses
  • Drainage and soakaways
  • Fuel for cement manufacturing

Baled tyres are often used in civil engineering and other construction projects. Their capacity to support high loads, together with their high porosity and permeability make them ideal as foundations. You’ll find them used on road building projects, in land reclamation and also in coastal and river protection initiatives.