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Continental Tyres, Cheap Continental Tyres, Continental Car TyresContinental AG is a German automotive manufacturing company. While it specialises in the famous Continental tyres brand, the company also manufactures brake systems, safety equipment and procedures, chassis and powertrain equipment, and many other parts for a wide range of automotive industries.

The company is based in Hanover in Germany and was founded in 1871. With over 200,000 employees and an annual revenue of €34.5 billion, Continental is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. Its tyres are well known for quality and performance, offering motorists an excellent mix between balance, grip, and traction. 

At Event Tyres, we stock a full range of cheap Continental Tyres online including Continental car tyres, Continental 4x4 tyres, Continental run-flat tyres, Continental winter tyres, and Continental van tyres. For further information about these, please read the details below. 

Continental Car Tyres

Our Continental car tyre range includes: Sport Contact 5, Sport Contact, Sport Contact 2, Sport Contact 3, Sport Contact Vmax, Premium Contact, Premium Contact 2, Eco Contact CP, Eco Contact EP, Eco Contact 3.

Continental 4x4 Tyres

Our Continental 4x4 tyre range includes: Cross Contact UHP, 4x4 Sport Contact, Cross Contact LX, 4x4 Contact, Cross Contact AT and Trac SUV.

Continental Run-Flat Tyres

Our Continental run-flat tyre range includes: Premium Contact SSR, Premium Contact 2 SSR, 4x4 Contact SSR, Contact UHP SSR, Sport Contact 2 SSR, Sport Contact 3 SSR.

Continental Van Tyres

Our Continental van tyre range includes: Vanco 2, Vanco Contact 2 and Vanco Camper.

Continental Winter Tyres

Our Continental winter tyre range includes: TS800, TS810, TS810 Sport, TS830, Cross Contact Winter, 4x4 Winter Contact, Vanco Winter 2, Vanco Winter Contact.

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