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Kleber Tyres, Cheap Kleber Tyres, Kleber Car TyresKleber Tyres is a French manufacturer which is owned by Michelin. Founded in Paris, the company is over 100 years old and has a history of surprising the tyre industry with bold new designs. In 1951, Kleber stunned the car industry when it created the first tyre to use an inner tube. Ever since, Kleber has dedicated its manufacturing process to meeting safety, durability, and performance demands. 

Kleber's innovation continues to modern times - it recently created a water draining system in its tread pattern design (the Dynaxer DR) to reduce the risk of aquaplaning. 

We stock a full range of cheap Kleber Tyres online, including Kleber car tyres, Kleber all-season tyres, and Kleber van tyres. For further details on our range, please read the details included below. 

Kleber Car Tyres

Our Kleber car tyre range includes: Dynaxer HP2, Hydraxer and Viaxer.

Kleber Van Tyres

Our Kleber van tyre range includes: Transpro.

Kleber All-Season Tyres

Our Kleber all season tyre range includes: Quadraxer.

Book a Kleber Tyres Fitting with Event

You can book Kleber Tyres with Event to save you time and money. We're up to 40% cheaper than our competitors and you only have to pay for your times once you're happy with your tyre fitting. We'll also come directly to you at a location of your choosing, whether you're at home or at work - our mobile tyre fitting service will go directly to you. 

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