The Michelin Agilis Van tyre is for the professional van user, this latest version is more robust than its predecessor plus it is more economical to run.

More Economical to run

The money saved due to reduced fuel consumption equates to 1 free tyre in 4, and tyre mileage is increased by 20%.

More Robust

The new MICHELIN Agilis maintains its the previous versions impact resistance and reduces sidewall kerbing wear.


Tyre Sizes

The new MICHELIN agilis comes in a wide variety of tyre sizes to suit most makes and models of vans over the 2.8t GVW category. The tyre sizes available are:

14 inch diameter Van Tyres

165/75 R14 93R

165/70 R14 89R

185/80 R14 102R

195/80 R14 106R

15 inch diameter Van Tyres

195/70 R15 104R

205/70 R15 106R

215/70 R15 109S

225/70 R15 112S

16 inch diameter Van Tyres

175/75 R16 101R

185/75 R16 104R

195/75 R16 107R

195/65 R16 104R

205/75 R16 110R

205/75 R16 113R

205/65 R16 107T

215/75 R16 113R

215/75 R16 116R

215/65 R16 109T

225/75 R16 118R

225/65 R16 112R

235/65 R16 115R

For an instant quote for cheap MICHELIN agilis van tyres enter your tyre size in our tyre selector, choose your tyre (use the filter to deliver MICHELIN only search results) choose your tyre and order online. No payment due until we have fitted your tyres, payment taken by our mobile chip and pin device.

And finally dont forget the safety aspect, a MICHELIN agilis will brakes 3m shorter in the wet a must when driving is your living.