Michelin Winter tyres

Michelin Winter tyres, or cold weather tyres, are specially designed for a wide range of wintry conditions such as damp and wet roads as well as snow and ice. Winter tyres are made of a special rubber compound suited to low temperatures and unlike Summer tyres, they do not harden in the cold, making sure you get optimum performance and grip in cold conditions. Michelin Winter tyres not only improve safety, they also shorten braking distances by up to 50% and increase performance in cold weather conditions.


Michelin Winter tyres available at Event Tyres

At Event Tyres we stock the full range of Michelin Winter tyres for cars, vans, 4x4s and high performance vehicles. If you're looking to buy Michelin Winter tyres online/you need Michelin/premium tyres, we can supply and fit them for you at your home or work address. We're up to 40% cheaper than high street competitors, so if you need cheap Michelin Winter tyres fitted at home or work, call us on 0800 810 0972.

Michelin Winter Tyres for cars

Alpin: Designed for city cars, MPVs and family cars.

  • Start 10% easier compared to previous generation.
  • Reduce braking distances on snow by up to 50% compared to Summer tyres.
  • Drive for an extra winter - On average, lasts 35% longer compared to its main competitors on the European market

Pilot Alpin: Designed for high performance cars.

  • Greater safety - reduced braking distances.
  • Greater mobility - more traction on snow and ice.
  • Greater control - better handling in all winter conditions.
  • Michelin expertise in fuel efficiency and longevity.

Michelin Winter Tyres for Vans

Agilis Alpin: Designed for utility vehicles and vans over 2.8 tonnes (GVW)

  • More economical to run, with 20% increased mileage.
  • Safer driving, with stopping distances 2 meters shorter and 25% more traction on snow.
  • More robust, with impact-resistant sidewalls

Michelin Winter Tyres for 4x4s

Latitude Alpin: Designed for 4x4s and SUVs

  • Greater mobility - more traction on snow and ice.
  • Greater safety - shorter stopping distances.
  • Greater control - better handling in all winter conditions
  • Michelin expertise in fuel efficiency and longevity.

Latitude Alpin HP: Designed for high performance 4x4 vehicles

  • Recommended by the most demanding car manufacturers.
  • Greater mobility, safety and control
  • Certified for the Mercedes GL, M, R-Class.

Do I need Winter tyres?

Winter tyres are designed for use when the temperature falls below 7ºC. In the UK, the temperature is usually below 7ºC for around 5 months of the year. In recent Winters, the temperature has been cool enough to need Winter tyres for 6 months of the year in the UK.

At the forefront of most drivers' minds is how to improve their car's safety in dangerous weather. Winter tyres not only improve safety, they also shorten braking distances and increase performance. Remember, Summer tyres are not designed to be used in cold weather. At cool temperatures, Summer tyres are less effective on all types of road surfaces.

It's important to stay in control when you feel responsible for everyone in your car. If you've ever skidded on ice or snow, you'll know how scary it can be. Improve your grip and safety and reduce the likelihood of finding yourself in a similar situation this Winter by switching to Winter tyres to get you through the season.

Summer tyres vs. Winter tyres

One major difference between Summer and Winter tyres is the formulation of the rubber used to make them. A good example is the new Michelin Alpin tyre, which uses a special compound that enhances grip and braking power even on wet or icy roads.

Another big difference between Summer and Winter tyres is the tyre tread. Because there's less friction on Winter roads, tyre tread is even more vital. Winter tyres need all the grip they can get – so they have wider, more uniform contact areas allowing a more gradual shift from one tread block to another. Michelin's new generation of Winter tyres has 71 tread patterns per tyre, designed to stop snow, slush and water collecting between tread blocks. They create a caterpillar-like effect on slippery surfaces to get you going more easily… and help you stop when it counts. In fact, the special tread and high proportion of natural rubber in Michelin Winter tyres reduces braking distances by up to 50%. The differences can be startling: a typical car travelling at just 50km/h on snow will take 48m to come to a stop with Summer tyres – 24m more than if the same car is equipped with Winter tyres.

When should I fit Winter Tyres?

Winter tyres are not just for driving in the snow. Contrary to popular belief, Winter tyres do not wear more quickly than Summer tyres so make sure you fit them early to enjoy maximum benefits. We recommend that you fit 4 Winter tyres for optimum safety. As the cold weather approaches don't be caught out, switch to Winter tyres and drive in confidence.

Buy Michelin Winter tyres online from Event Tyres

If you need Michelin Winter tyres for your car, buy them online from Event Tyres and our mobile fitting service will deliver and fit them for you at home or work, at your convenience.

If you're looking to buy Michelin Winter tyres online and need some advice, call us on 0800 810 0972 and we can help to find the right Michelin tyre for you.

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