Run Flat Tyres | Extended Mobility Tyres

Run Flat TyresRun-Flat Tyres are becoming increasingly popular as more and more car manufacturers decide to fit them as standard or as an optional extra. Run-flat tyres or 'Extended Mobility Tyres' as they are also known, use 'Self Supporting Technology' and are designed with safety in mind. The purpose of a run-flat tyre is to keep the vehicle under control following a loss of air pressure.

How Run Flat Tyres Work

Run flat tyre have a reinforced sidewall that keeps the tyre beads firmly seated to the wheel rim and are also capable of supporting the weight of the vehicle without any air pressure in the tyre. Due to the reinforced sidewall, it is possible to drive the vehicle with a completly deflated tyre to a safe location to seek a replacement tyre and also removed the need for a spare wheel.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

It is imperative that run-flat tyres are only fitted to vehicle that have a tyre pressure monitoring system or TPMS as it is also known. The tyre pressure monitoring system is in place to alert the driver of a loss of pressure in any one of the run-flat tyres. The run-flat tyres are only designed to run at zero pressure at a set speed for a certain distance.

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