Summer Driving

Top Tips for Avoiding Trouble on the Roads this Summer

Few experiences beat that lazy summer afternoon drive in the countryside with the windows down and your favourite tracks playing on your car stereo. It's a great way to spend some time out and enjoy the scenery.

Sadly, the reality of summer driving for most of us isn't so romantic. Long traffic queues on busy roads in soaring temperatures can be stressful for drivers and passengers alike.

They can be tough on your vehicle too. Punctured tyres, overheating engines and drowned keys (yes, really…) are among the top reasons for drivers calling a breakdown service during the summer months.

To avoid becoming another breakdown statistic here are 3 simple checks you can use to keep your vehicle out of trouble this summer.

Check your Tyres: Hot road surfaces combined with warm daytime temperatures cause the air inside your tyres to expand. If you have existing tyre damage this higher pressure may weaken the damaged areas resulting in a puncture. Check all four tyres (and your spare) before you leave. If you see cracks in the tyre rubber or a blistered surface go to your garage and get them replaced.

Check your Coolant: If you need to top up your coolant do so with a proprietary coolant rather than just plain water. Check for any white staining on your coolant hosing too. If you see some then you might have a coolant leak and will need your hoses tightened or replaced.

Check your Oil: Use your engine's dipstick to check your oil level. If it's low top it up before your journey. It'll save you having to deal with any oil warning lights that might flicker on when you're on the road.

Oh, and make sure you've got a spare key fob. There's nothing worse than diving into the sea and realising the remote is still in your pocket!