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Cheap Toyo Tyres: Car, 4x4, Run-Flat, and Van Tyres

Toyo Tyres, Cheap Toyo Tyres, Toyo Car TyresToyo Tyres was founded in 1945 and has headquarters at Osaka in Japan. For 70 years, Toyo Tyres has been providing high-quality tyres, and it expanded to the USA in 1966 as the Toyo Tyre Corporation. Toyo Tyres is a technology orientated tyre manufacturer which has worked to exceed all expectations over the last 70 years.

With its customer commitment and international success, Toyo Tyres has also participated in many motorsport events. Toyo has taken part in the Dakar rally and many other track events, such as the Porsche Championship and the Jaguar Saloon and GT Championship.  

Event Tyres stock a full range of cheap Toyo Tyres online, including Toyo car tyres, Toyo 4x4 tyres, Toyo winter tyres, and Toyo van tyres.

Toyo Car Tyres

Our Toyo car tyre range includes: Proxes T1-R, Proxes T1-S, Proxes 4, Proxes CF-1, F8, 330, 350, CleanProxes E10, Proxes R888 (Road Legal Track Tyre).

Toyo 4x4 Tyres

Our Toyo 4x4 tyre range includes: Open Country H/T (Highway Terrain), Open Country A/T (All Terrain), Proxes S/T, H08, 600 HT, H09, M109, Tranpath M/T (Mud Terrain) and 785.

Toyo Van Tyres

Our Toyo van tyre range includes: V02 and SnowProxes S930 Winter.

Toyo Winter Tyres

Our Toyo winter tyre range includes: Snowprox S930, Snowprox S940, Snowprox S941, Snowprox S942, Snowprox 950 and Snowprox 952.

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