Van Tyres

Our comprehensive stock of high-quality van tyres from many of the world's leading manufacturers provides drivers with fantastic grip, braking, and improved vehicle handling.

Our award-winning mobile tyre fitting service is fronted by a fleet of expertly trained and dedicated LWB Mercedes Sprinter vans across the UK. We're also up to 40% cheaper than high street dealers, so you can use our convenient service to order new van tyres and save money at the same time.

To make your booking, use our online tyre searcher to fill out your vehicle registration number or tyre size details. You can then enjoy a free fitting at your home or office once you've booked your time and date.  

If you want to get in touch, you can Contact Us for further information. Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 810 0972 and we'll help you choose the right van tyres for your circumstances. 

Extra Safety, Strength, and Durability

A lot of vans are used for commercial purposes, so it's essential to keep a van moving and making money, whilst ensuring safety for the driver and other road users. Vans are typically loaded up with extra goods, putting extra pressure on the tyres - this means they have to be stronger and more durable than those fitted to other vehicles. 

As a result, van tyres are specially manufactured to be stronger and safer. To withstand the extra weight, manufacturers design them with strengthened sidewalls. This ensures they're able to cope with the extra weight the vehicle is placed under, while offering high levels of grip, traction, and handling performance. 

Motorists can easily identify this heavy load bearing characteristic by the XL load index symbol on the tyre's sidewall. This guarantees they're suitable for heavy loads and driving over long distances. 

Safety Inspections

As van tyres are under much more stress than the other varieties, it's important for motorists to check them regularly to ensure they're not a safety hazard.

Ensure they're at the manufacturer specified tyre pressure limit. It's easy to check them - simply have a look at the sidewall and look for any under or over inflation, as they can negatively affect the performance.