Van Tyres

High quality, cheap van tyres

At Event Tyres we stock high-performance van tyres at competitive prices. As part of our award-winning service, we stock a wide range of models from high-quality manufacturers with a whole host of leading manufacturers to ensure our customers receive quality.  

We not only supply the full range of car and 4x4 tyres, we also supply and fit a full range of van tyres at a location convenient for you. Running a dedicated fleet of LWB Mercedes Sprinter vans across the UK, we understand the importance of finding the right van tyres for your vehicle.

Where vans are used for commercial purposes it is vital to keep the van moving and making money. We fully appreciate your van needs as much reliability as possible to cope with those long journeys delivering goods and services, which is why we ensure we have the finest, competitively priced van tyres available to book online. 

The characteristics of van tyres

Van tyres are specially manufactured to be stronger and more durable than car tyres. This is because they often have to deal with heavier loads, whether for business or personal reasons, so they need to be more durable due to the higher levels of stress.

To withstand the extra weight, manufacturers such as Michelin and Continental design them with strengthened sidewalls. This ensures they are able to cope with the extra weight the vehicle is placed under, while offering high levels of grip, traction, and cornering performance. 

Motorists can easily identify this heavy load bearing characteristic by a XL load index symbol on the tyre's sidewall. This guarantees the tyres are suitable for heavy loads. 

Van tyre manufacturers

These are some of the major manufacturers of van tyres available in the UK - for more information just click on the links below or search your tyre size and see all the available stock we have;

Michelin Van Tyres

Michelin Van TyresThe latest Michelin van tyres provide world class performance levels and we have them available at competitive prices.
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Continental Van Tyres

Continental Van TyresContinental have an extensive range of van tyres to fit all makes and models, and are designed with a major emphasis on safety. 
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