What Tyres For My Car?

It's a common question for many motorists across the UK. Which compound and tread pattern should you buy?

There's a wide variety of tyres available for modern motorists. The type of tyre you should use will depend on your vehicle and your driving preferences. With over 280 brands to choose from, our comprehensive stock ensures the process is as simple as possible.

Often the easiest route is to re-fit the same tyres that the car was supplied with. Check the size from the tyre rim and use our search facility to see what tyres are available.

Types of Tyres

4x4 Tyres: With the rise in popularity of 4x4 vehicles, we now stock a wide variety of compounds for our customers. Whether it's for the complete off-road or a high-performance vehicle, we're sure to have what you are looking for.

Winter Tyres: Once the winter months kick in, temperatures plunge and road surfaces can become temperatures. With winter tyres working best in temperatures below 7 degrees, you'll be able to drive in cooler conditions and cope with snow, ice, and slush over the colder months through to spring.

Run Flat Tyres: A lot of the high-performance vehicles are now fitted with run flat tyres. The advantage of these is motorists can still drive on them even with zero pressure. In other words, after you've had a puncture you'll still be able to drive to a safe location and get yourself a new tyre. 

Van Tyres: Our comprehensive stock features many of the leading manufacturers from around the world. We cater for a wide range of van drivers, including commercial vehicles.  

Booking a Fitting

It's easy to book a fitting with us, and there are plenty of reasons why you should, too! We've been in operation since 2003 and are pioneers in the mobile fitting industry.

We're also up to 40% cheaper than the High Street, so you'll save a great deal of time and money by making your booking.

You can use our online searcher to locate the tyre compound you need. Enter your tyre size or vehicle registration number and make your order from there. Your fitting will be free and you're guaranteed high-quality and great value for money.