What are winter tyres?

It’s likely you won’t be able to tell the difference between winter tyres and ‘normal’ tyres straight away - at least from a distance. Although it’s not compulsory to have winter tyres, they have been specially designed for better driving in winter conditions. But the aren’t just for snow; they will give better handling and grip on wet and icy days.

Most drivers install winter tyres to have better peace of mind and improved safety. If you live in more remote parts of the country then they’re certainly a wise option.

How are winter tyres different?

While you may not be able to tell the difference, winter tyres are actually made of a different material. This special rubber compound allows them to be more flexible in temperatures lower than 7 degrees Celsius. In addition to this, they have a unique tread pattern with lots of grooves (sipes) and smaller blocks which means better grip on the road.

You can identify winter tyres by the three peaks mountain and snowflake symbol on the sidewall - this also proves that they have met the minimum performance standards in snow tests. Of course, all of this means they don’t perform as well in dry or hot conditions; winter tyres wear more quickly in hot conditions.

What are the benefits of winter tyres?

Improved driving performance - With more rubber and a better groove ratio, winter tyres have better road grip and give better control on ice and snow

Shorter stopping distance - That better grip we just mentioned, winter tyres are much better at stopping in wet, icy and snowy conditions

Reduced risk of aquaplaning - When your tyres lose grip on a wet road, a common result is often aquaplaning. The special tread pattern of winter tyres disperses more water faster

How to store winter tyres

The number one rule to follow when it comes to winter tyres, is to not keep them outside and unused for more than one month. This could significantly damage them or negatively impact their performance. Make sure you wash and clean them with water and let them air dry completely before storing them.

Where to store winter tyres

Winter tyres do better in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Also be sure to keep them away from electric generators, hot pipes and sources of heat. Any of these can cause damage to the rubber compounds and result in cracking.

If you have a garden shed, basement or garage then these are the perfect location. Even better, you can buy special bags to protect them. For those of you living in the city where space is a little limited, you can rent tyre storage from garages - also known as “tyre hotels”.

You can stack the tyres vertically as long as the pile doesn’t go higher than four feet or 1.2 metres. Keep them clean and free of anything that could damage them by stacking them on a pallet. For a more long term solution - and if you have the space - store them vertically.

How to fit wintertyres

This is the only thing you don’t have to worry about; there’s no need for you to fit the tyres yourself. When you buy your winter tyres from Event Tyres, our mobile tyre fitting experts will come to you at a time and place that suits and perform your fitting for free.

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